Robert Frank: Some Lines of My Hand

Online Exhibition, Curated by the Pennwick Foundation

Our exhibition, Some Lines of My Hand, surveys and combines some of the most trenchant and less known of Robert Frank's early photographs. Following the layout of the book, it uses the texts written by the artist. It is Franks' most private yet ambitious and inclusive self-organized publication and statement of his photographic art. As it was created in three different editions, it is the book of his work to which he dedicated the most sustained attention. Its existence in three distinctly different versions tracks the range, development, and ambiguity of his vision and exploits the personal and autobiographic aspects of his work. The images chosen for this exhibition are primarily derived from those selected by the artist for the first three editions of The Lines of My Hand.  In our holdings, there are more than sixty-five prints and close variants of the pre-1962 images from the original 1972 slip-cased The Lines of My Hand published by Yugensha, Kahuziko Motomura, publisher in Tokyo, Japan, six additional prints that first appear in the later 1972 Lustrum Press edition, and twelve of the smaller number of early black and white images that were chosen by Frank and Walter Keller for inclusion in the final, 1989 Pantheon Books version of The Lines of My Hand.

Info: Images are listed in the same order they appear in the three versions of the book. All images are gelatin silver prints. titles are descriptive and have been augmented to easily identify prints in an individual basis. All the prints are signed by the artist and many are inscribed by him with titles and dates.